But How Do I Track My Hours?

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The Volunteer Hub has been open for three months now, and we couldn't be prouder of it. Nearly 40 organizations are sharing their volunteer opportunities through the Hub, and over a thousand members of our community are registered users. I've also noticed that, while we do still get questions about how to sign up, more and more volunteers are calling to ask about how to put in the hours for the work they've done. This is great news, because it means a lot of you are volunteering! So, by popular demand:

We're Finally Here!

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After literally months of planning, waiting, preparing and packing, we are excited to announce our new address! Our new home, at the corner of 4th and Walnut, is in the historic Wealtha building which originally served as a creamery. Built in about 1920, the current structure sits atop the original foundation, laid in 18XX. The Wealtha has most recently been the home of an antiques store and flea market. When Fresh Look bought the building last year they knew it could be a great example of the many hidden gems downtown Salina has to offer.

Give the Gift of a Book

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What was your favorite book as a baby? Of course, most of us don't remember the board books that were read to us as babies, but if you are a parent, you probably remember your children's most loved ones. You remember the bent pages, the slobbery cardboard, and maybe even the tears and rips. You remember the hours spent pointing at pictures and naming remember the sing-song verse and even remember your favorite childhood characters in your infant's books.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

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Guest Blogger and SAUW Board President Joyce Volk

How many times have you or someone else complained about your “hard earned tax dollars” supporting impoverished families?  By golly you work too hard to pay your taxes just to have the government give it to lazy people!

So, we know you’re pretty darned good at complaining about it but what’s your plan to do something about it?

What does #SalinaStrong even mean?

With our new mission of “Strengthening Our Community” we’ve been talking a lot about what “strength” means in Salina. At our annual kickoff event last month we featured a traveling strong man, who performed feats of physical strength like bending metal rods, crushing stacks of bricks, and tearing phone books in half. It was a fun way to illustrate our message about making Salina strong.

A Big Thank You!

I love FALL! Fall is my absolute favorite season. The weather finally cools off, the leaves start to turn their beautiful colors, there is pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, and I can switch to boots and sweaters. What’s not to love? Another reason I love this time of year…Thanksgiving!