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Salina Area Community Services Council
Saline County Awarded Federal Emergency Food & Shelter Funds
     as funds are awarded
Saline County Back To School Fair 2018


Salina Area Community Services Council

The Purpose of the Council:

  • To identify the needs and resources of the community as they relate to the social, physical, and mental well-being of the citizens.
  • To encourage and develop coordination among civic groups, churches, organizations, and agencies to meet the identified needs.
  • To promote public education on social service needs and resources in the community.
  • To develop Council positions regarding significant issues relating to the development and/or delivery of social services at the City, County, State and National levels; and to communicate those positions to the appropriate persons or organizations.

Regular meeting location is the Salina Senior Center, 245 N Ninth, Second Floor Board Room.  Attendees may purchase a meal for around $4 or bring their own lunches. Meeting location and time subject to change based on the consensus of participants and community events.

Please share the invitation to participate. These meetings are open to the public and all are invited.


Saline County Back To School Fair 2018

BTSF Exhibitor LetterBTSF Factsheet,  Exhibitor Application BTSF Policy & Procedure

BTSF Flyer/Poster

Contact the Salina Area United Way for more information 785-827-1312