Education Priority Council

Education: Increase the graduation rate



Raise the graduation rate


Leadership: Early Childhood & Youth Mentoring

Salina Area United Way and Community Education Goal: Raise the graduation rate

Name Organization
Ray Tucker Kansas Wesleyan University
Marcia Demuth King Industry

The United Priority Cabinet, UPC, designs and oversees SAUW Community Leadership collaborations, Community Partnerships and Investment policies to achieve the SAUW mission by making a measurable impact in the Salina area.  Four Councils report to this cabinet Measurement (M), Education (E); Income (I), and Health (H).

The United Priority Cabinet (UPC) provides leadership in carrying out the Board’s vision to Strengthen OUR Community by investing the resources entrusted to the Salina Area United Way. UCP with the Board of Directors work to achieve the Goals for 2020 in the areas of Education, Income and Health. The purpose of UPC is to design and oversee SAUW community leader collaborations, community partnerships and investment policies to achieve the SAUW mission.