Financial Stability Priority Council


Name Organization
Kory Tinkler The Bennington State Bank
Tina Lewis Salina Housing Authority
Jason Peterson Vortex


Name Organization
Bryan Anderson Ashby House Ltd
Michelle Martin Catholic Charities
Andrea Quill DVACK
Candice Bridgess Kansas Legal Services
Major Daniel Burris The Salvation Army
Rodney Denholm Consumer Credit Counseling Services



The United Priority Cabinet, UPC, designs and oversees SAUW Community Leadership collaborations, Community Partnerships and Investment policies to achieve the SAUW mission by making a measurable impact in the Salina area.  Four Councils report to this cabinet Measurement (M), Education (E); Financial Stability (FS), and Health (H).


The United Priority Cabinet (UPC) provides leadership in carrying out the Board’s vision of; strengthening the community by investing the resources entrusted to the Salina Area United Way by demonstrating results in meeting the objectives of the community. UCP with the Board of Directors work to achieve the Goals for 2020 in the areas of Education, Financial Stability and Health including reviewing grants and progress of certified funded partners as they work toward SAUW supported initiatives


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