Live United: Shaina's Story

There are countless success stories brought on by the United Way. In the Salina area, Shaina is one of the women empowered and helped by

the Domestic Violence Association of Central Kansas (DVACK), a funded community partner of the Salina Area United Way.

Shaina shared her story with the Salina Area United Way and we want you to hear her story too!


"The month before I got to DVACK was what started the first day of my new life. The man I was with is the love of my life but the way he treated me pushed me to my limit. After a full day of only being able to sit on the corner of "his" bed and stare at the ground, I had had enough and I made a choice to be "me" and came to DVACK.

I was nervous and scared to be in a shelter and be alone again but it's what I had to do to be a better me. DVACK gave me the support and guidance to get me where I am today. The staff was there for not only me but all the women in the shelter. They were there when I needed a shoulder to cry on and rides to my next appointments. I am grateful for everything DVACK has done for me and the fact of knowing they will always be there for me in the future.

Today, I am still searching for some answers, but I have come to realize that no matter my past I am a good person. I deserve to have a good life. I have a studio apartment and have lived there for three months. I am about to move into a one bedroom. I work all the time and am able to have my kids a lot more than I did before. If someone would've asked me four months ago where I would be today, I would've never thought I would be where I'm at today. I am happy and have meaning back in my life and I thank DVACK for that."