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Salina Area United Way in the Classroom

The Mission of the Salina Area United Way is to strengthen our community by improving lives through leadership, partnership and investment. The following lesson plans incorporate our mission, values and spirit to help your students discover the pleasure and power of LIVING UNITED. Guest speakers are available to visit your classroom and discuss challenges and goals in the areas of education, health and financial stability. Your class can also give back to the community through one of the many volunteer opportunities.


Common Good Forecaster

Looking for an interactive way to incorporate place-based learning in the classroom? The Common Good Forecaster is a great tool for use in Social Studies and Civics classes. With this tool, you can ask many "what if" questions about your community focusing on the areas of education, health, and financial stability. Using the projected data, you can target a specific challenge faced in your community, identify a service learning project or use the forecasts to lobby local officials for funding to improve your community.  

Additional Community Impact Resources:

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Classroom Community Opportunities

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