2020 Grant Funding

Making a meaningful impact on our community in health, education, and financial stability will require all of us coming together and working toward the same goal.

To make large-scale social change, all of us – funders, service agencies, and community leaders – must work together, sharing the same goals, data, and measures of success.

That’s why the Salina Area United Way focuses on collective impact – multiple organizations working closely together to make a difference.

Information on the 2020 grant funding process will be available on the Salina Area United Way website. Please check back.

SAUW Brand Standards
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To be considered for funding, applicants will be asked to share how services advance United Way goals in HealthEducation, or Financial Stability

  • Health:  Increase the number of youth and adults who are healthy and avoiding risky behavior

  • Education:  Raise the graduation rate

  • Financial Stability:  Reduce the number of families who are financially unstable

Useful definitions

Collaborators are defined as a group or organizations participating actively in a strategic partnership and who makes a significant contribution to the intellectual direction and success of solving a complex social problem. Their actions are supported by a shared measurement system and mutually reinforcing activities. 
Collaborators could include: K-12 Schools, post-secondary institutions, government entities, not-for-profits, private businesses, foundations, faith-based organizations, and civic or professional membership organizations.
Root causes are defined as the fundamental reason for the occurrence of a problem; in a sequence of events, an intervention could reasonably be implemented to change performance and prevent an undesirable outcome.
Match/in-kind support is defined as cash and/or value of personnel, goods, and services contributed.


Salina Area United Way volunteers will review and score proposals.
Reviews and scores will be provided to United Priority Cabinet, UPC, and the Board of Directors, which will make funding recommendations. 

Salina Area United Way 785-827-1312.

Five conditions of collective success include:
    Adopting a common agenda
    Sharing the same measurement systems
    Coordinating responses to make progress
    Engaging in continuous communication
    Forming a backbone organization to drive the entire initiative

        ~John Kania and Mark Kramer, Stanford Social Innovation Review

Make A Difference Grants

The purpose of the Make A Difference grant is to be responsive to community needs. Consideration will be given to programs which make a difference in our community.

Does your program request:

  • Work toward achieving, or progress toward achieving, one of the three Salina Area United Way Goals. Include a three sentence description of which goal and the alignment to the identified goal

  • Document expected results

  • Provide Budget expenditures

  • List at least one objective with at least one outcome

  • Include a corresponding timetable

  • Document anticipated results

Contact staff to learn more about the Make A Difference grant and application. 
The level of funding available for Make A Difference grants will be determined annually by the Salina Area United Way Board of Directors.