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Give the Gift of a Book

What was your favorite book as a baby? Of course, most of us don't remember the board books that were read to us as babies, but if you are a parent, you probably remember your children's most loved ones. You remember the bent pages, the slobbery cardboard, and maybe even the tears and rips. You remember the hours spent pointing at pictures and naming remember the sing-song verse and even remember your favorite childhood characters in your infant's books.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Guest Blogger and SAUW Board President Joyce Volk

How many times have you or someone else complained about your “hard earned tax dollars” supporting impoverished families?  By golly you work too hard to pay your taxes just to have the government give it to lazy people!

So, we know you’re pretty darned good at complaining about it but what’s your plan to do something about it?

A Revised Mission and Vision!

September 19th is going to be a big day!  Not only will the Salina Area United Way be kicking off our 2016 year with a fun family event in Oakdale Park, we will also be ‘officially’ unveiling our new mission and vision.  However, because we like you, you get to read about them here first!