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Free Summer Meals

Free summer meals are provided for every child ages 1-18 during the 8-week summer meal program sponsored by Heartland Programs and Salina Public Schools. No fee or registration is required. Free lunches will be served Monday-Friday (closed July 4) at 9 open location:

Heusner Elementary, 11:30-12pm, 1300 Norton (Northwest doors by Art Room)

Health Connections in the Salina Community

As I was working on a grant proposal a while back, I came across the following definition of health from the World Health Organization: health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  This definition rings true for us at the United Way as well.  We have to take into account the all of the factors that affect our health…not just the most obvious ones like illness and diet.


Getting Ahead: A Consumer Credit Counseling Services Success Story

Patricia moved out to get married and start her family when she was just 18, and she wasn’t equipped with the knowledge to be able to properly take care of her finances. Patricia soon found herself living in poverty with her two young daughters. Patricia came to Consumer Credit Counseling Services in May of 2008. She had accumulated more credit card debt than she could handle and needed help learning how to take control of her finances.