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Happy Baby: A Salina Family Healthcare Center Success Story

Michelle is a proud, happy mother of a healthy baby boy. Layton is ten months old, and on the fast track for success in life. When Michelle found out she was pregnant she began making regular visits to the Salina Family Healthcare Center. At first this meant every three months, and then every month her last trimester of pregnancy, leading up to every week right before her baby was due.

Ready for Kindergarten: A Salina Family YMCA Success Story

Katelyn’s daughter, Keanna, has been attending the Salina Family YMCA Early Education Center for less than six months. During this short time, Keanna has learned to write her first name and several other letters of the alphabet. She has also increased her ability to count objects and recognize numbers. She has already learned some things that are being taught in Kindergarten. Keanna has also developed excellent social skills and the ability to follow instructions with a positive attitude.

Youth Volunteering: The Volunteer Connection's Success Story

September 2010 was when 15-year old Deby Nouanlasy registered as a youth volunteer with the Volunteer Connection. She soon became a member of the Youth Advisory Council, playing a major part in developing and implementing two community service projects with the Council. “Put a Halt to Hunger” initiated a project to combat childhood hunger by distributing healthy snack packets through local agencies.

Independent: A DVACK Success Story

My name is Desiree and I am a DVACK success story. I came to DVACK when I took the scary step and fled my violent situation. I didn’t know what to expect and I honestly wasn’t sure how I was going to succeed. I have been in abusive relationships for many years. I endured all types of domestic violence: emotional, verbal, financial, and severe physical abuse. I came to the DVACK shelter with my future unknown.