Change for Change

Every Friday throughout campaign, SAUW was at a different community location with a set of BIG RED UNITED WAY letters. The event became extremely popular in October and the letters ultimately traveled to a new location every business day and some weekends! Businesses and community members took pictures with the letters to show their support for the SAUW workplace campaign. See photos on our facebook page!

Were the letters near you?

Friday Locations:

09/27- Webster Conference Center
09/28- UMB Bank
10/04- K-State Salina
10/11- Dillons
10/18- Central High School
10/25- Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers
11/01- Kansas Wesleyan University
11/08- Bennington State Bank
11/15- McDonald's
11/22- *changed due to weather

Other Locations:

10/09- Waddell & Reed
10/10- Blue Cross Blue Shield KS
10/11-13- All 3 Dillons

10/15-16- Assurance Partners
10/23- K-TRON Salina
10/24- Salina Housing Authority
10/30- Central National Bank
11/04- Simmons First Bank
11/05- Catholic Charities
11/06-07- Letters at Philips

11/11- Salina Family Healthcare Center
11/12- Bank VI
11/13- First Bank Kansas
11/14- Salina Public Library
11/18- Philips
11/19- Kansas Legal Services
11/20- Central Kansas Foundation
11/22- Great Plains