Confident: A Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland Success Story

My Success Story By Airianna.
The Girls Scouts program benefitted me by helping me understand that it’s not only about the outward beauty but the beauty on the inside. We made “what makes me beautiful” books and it was a really fun activity. I discovered what makes me beautiful. The different things I do and say show how beautiful I am. Now I have more confidence that when someone is talking bad about me, saying ‘you’re ugly’ or ‘you’re stupid’, that I can say, “you may say that, but I know I’m beautiful inside and out, no matter what you say or do.” Now I have the confidence to know who I am instead of being a follower.

By December 31, 2013, Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland will grow the number of girls served by 2% in our Outreach and Youth Development programs in the SAUW service area.