Education Action Week

August 19-23 is Education Action Week
This 5-day event is all about advocating for education!

Members of Congress will be heading to their home districts during August and many of the education policy issues affecting the communities we serve remain unresolved. The major federal education bill, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), is overdue for reauthorization. Policymakers are expected to consider ESEA and other education appropriations and authorization bills when Congress comes back in session in September and October.  Now is the time for us to tell federal officials that education needs to be front and center for our nation.

Join us in rallying online to support education!

What you can do:

First, sign up to take part in this campaign and be a part of education reform!
(don't worry, we won't spam you, and it's just an online event :) we just want to know how many interests we've peaked!)

TWEET! Let officials, friends, and tweeps know that you stand for education by tweeting at the following people:


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You can also...

- Show your support on FACEBOOK with the same hashtags, and tell us why you stand for education and/or your commitment to advancing education!
- Post a photo on INSTAGRAM and tag @SalinaAreaUnitedWay!
- Share a status on LINKEDIN conneting to SAUW!
- Write an Op Ed piece for the paper telling them why education is of vital importance to you!
- Keep checking our website for opportunities to get involved in education related activities.
- We can't do it without YOU. Show your support, and show that you care!

Get involved with Education Action Week, a national campaign being held around the United States!