Give the Gift of a Book

What was your favorite book as a baby?  Of course, most of us don't remember the board books that were read to us as babies, but if you are a parent, you probably remember your children's most loved ones.  You remember the bent pages, the slobbery cardboard, and maybe even the tears and rips.  You remember the hours spent pointing at pictures and naming remember the sing-song verse and even remember your favorite childhood characters in your infant's books.

You see, the thing about books is that like music, they take you back to a place in time in your memory that is often hard to relive...until you see or hear that very same book again.  Isn't it amazing how our brains are able keep that information from the first, most formative years of our lives and build upon it?  This is the very reason that we at the Salina Area United Way feel so strongly about our affiliation with Dolly Parton's Imagination Library.  The data shows that children who grow up in homes with many books extend their schooling by 3 years than those children who come from bookless homes.  This fact alone supports our education goal of increasing the high school graduation rate.

DPIL is a "book gifting program that mails a brand new, age-appropriate book to enrolled children every month from birth until five years of age, creating a home library of up to 60 books and instilling a love of books and reading from an early age. SAUW sponsors children who live in Saline County. ANY child who lives in Saline County is eligible. We currently have over 1800 children enrolled, and almost 500 have "graduated" and are now attending kindergarten.

While the cost to the family is free, the cost to SAUW is $25/child per year.  We are pleased that we have had such great responses to this program from both families and funders, but we want YOU to have the chance to give the gift of reading next year too!  Simply click here to make a $25 donation.  We will take care of the rest!

And by the way...some of the books which were mailed in November were: The Little Engine That Could, Corduroy Goes to the Doctor and Owl Moon.  Were any of those YOUR favorites?  Let us know your favorite books by posting on our Facebook Page using #myfavoritechildhoodbook.