Hand Up: An MLKJ Child Development Center Success Story

In 2012, Erika and her family were going through some hard times financially. She often didn’t have enough money to pay for her child to attend daycare at Martin Luther King, Jr. Child Development Center at full price each week. Worrying about paying for her child’s daycare was stressing her out nightly. She was worried about paying not only upcoming dues but also her current balance, which was nearing the $300.00 mark. Erika realized she needed help and set up a meeting with Karen, MLK Director. Karen talked her through what was happening and gave Erika a few forms to fill out. Erika submitted the forms and soon funding provided by United Way was granted to help her continue her child’s early education. Erika was able to get caught up with payments and felt a burden was lifted off her shoulders. As 2012 came to a close, Erika found she was making just enough to cover her bills but was struggling with the onset of the Holidays. Once again a United Way scholarship allowed her to get caught back up on her payments so her child could continue to receive an early childhood education, and grow and learn with peers.

MLKJ CDC SMART Goal: By December 31, 2015 80% of 5 year olds at Martin Luther King, Jr. Child Development Center will achieve 10 of 10 school readiness skills.