Happy Baby: A Salina Family Healthcare Center Success Story

Michelle is a proud, happy mother of a healthy baby boy. Layton is ten months old, and on the fast track for success in life. When Michelle found out she was pregnant she began making regular visits to the Salina Family Healthcare Center. At first this meant every three months, and then every month her last trimester of pregnancy, leading up to every week right before her baby was due. By following the advice of her doctor and going for regular visits, Michelle was able to ensure that Layton was born as healthy as possible. Layton weighed 7lbs 6oz at birth. That was perfectly average for a baby boy, proving to be the only average thing about healthy Layton! Michelle reports Layton has been walking since 6 months of age, and is babbling so much she expects full words very soon. Her doctors have told her that Layton’s development is ahead of schedule, which makes her so excited for the future Layton will have.

SFHC SMART Goal: By December 31, 2015, less than 5% of newborns delivered in the past year by SFHC will have low birth weight.