But How Do I Track My Hours?

The Volunteer Hub has been open for three months now, and we couldn't be prouder of it. Nearly 40 organizations are sharing their volunteer opportunities through the Hub, and over a thousand members of our community are registered users. I've also noticed that, while we do still get questions about how to sign up, more and more volunteers are calling to ask about how to put in the hours for the work they've done. This is great news, because it means a lot of you are volunteering! So, by popular demand:

How to Track Volunteer Hours in Six Easy Steps.

Step One

Go to volunteer.unitedwaysalina.org and click the LogIn button at the top of the screen, then enter your email address and password.

Step Two

Click on the Circle in the upper right-hand corner of the page (if you haven't uploaded a profile picture, this circle will contain your initials).

Select "View Profile"from the drop-down menu.

Step Three

Click on "Track Hours" then scroll down to "Hour Type" and select "Yes" if you're entering hours for a volunteer opportunity you responded to through the Volunteer Hub. If you are entering hours for an outside volunteer opportunity (through a civic organization or church group, for example) click "No."

Step Four

If you clicked "Yes" above, select the need for which you are adding hours from the drop-down menu. This list should contain all of the volunteer opportunities to which you have responded. 

If you clicked "No" above, enter the location where you volunteered, the name of a contact person at that location who can verify your hours, and their contact info (either a phone number or an email is just fine).

Step Five

Under "Hour Details" enter the date of your volunteer service as well as the total number of hours. Though the Volunteer Hub does not reimburse for milage, you may enter your miles traveled for this volunteer opportunity for your own records if you wish

Step Six

Don't forget to click "Submit Hour Entry" at the bottom of the page, and you're done!