Legal Aid: A Kansas Legal Services Success Story

Dear Salina Area United Way,

My name is Sara White* and I live in Salina, Kansas. I contacted Kansas Legal Services because I needed assistance with obtaining disability benefits on behalf of my child.

I filed an application with the Social Security Administration for supplemental security income on behalf of my child due to her severe mental disabilities. We were denied at the initial and appellate levels. I then applied for assistance with Kansas Legal Services to represent my child of the disability claim before an Administrative Law Judge with the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review. A hearing was held in 2012 and upon the Judge’s review, my child was found to be disabled as of 2010.

My child received a back award for what we would have received in monthly benefits for over two years, as well as current ongoing benefits. We are able to use the money for any medical treatment, education or job skills training, personal needs, special equipment, housing modifications, or therapy or rehabilitation needs.


Sara White


Kansas Legal Services (KLS) – Salina will use the SAUW funding to provide legal assistance to the number of families/individuals proposed in our goal.  Providing legal representation/assistance to low income persons in the Salina service area will help families remove barriers to income that hinder their self-sufficiency.

*Name changed to protect privacy.