Ready for Kindergarten: A Salina Family YMCA Success Story

Katelyn’s daughter, Keanna, has been attending the Salina Family YMCA Early Education Center for less than six months. During this short time, Keanna has learned to write her first name and several other letters of the alphabet. She has also increased her ability to count objects and recognize numbers. She has already learned some things that are being taught in Kindergarten. Keanna has also developed excellent social skills and the ability to follow instructions with a positive attitude.

Katelyn is grateful to the YMCA staff for preparing Keanna for kindergarten academically and socially.  Without funding provided by the Salina Area United Way, Keanna would not have had this opportunity. Katelyn is now confident that her daughter will successfully make the transition from the Early Education Center to Kindergarten without any difficulties.

By December 31, 2015, 80% of 5 year olds attending the Salina Family YMCA Early Education Center will achieve 10 out of 10 school readiness skills.