Campaign Central

Kick Off Your 2016 Workplace Campaign!

On September 13 we'll kick-off our year with breakfast! Join us at 7:30 that morning at Vortex to learn more about our projects, our campaign and our upcoming year!



We'll bring you up to date on our efforts toward our mission: STRENGTHENING OUR COMMUNITY. 

  • To Raise the High School Graduation Rate
  • To Reduce the Number of Families Who Are Financially Unstable
  • To Increase the Number of Families who are Healthy and Avoiding Risky Behavior
We are so fortunate to be able to work with each one of you to accomplish our mission!  
Our Campaign Chairman, Jake Wise of Capitol Federal and the rest of our staff is ready to help you with your needs for your workplace campaign this year.  Below you will find information about the items available for you. 
A member of our staff or Campaign Committee will be contacting you next week.  We would like to know the date(s) you have set for your campaign, as well as what date and time you would like for a United Way Representative and/or our Campaign Chair to come speak to your staff.  We will also be taking orders for items from the above to print and deliver.  If you already know the above information, feel free to just reply to this email and we will get started on your packet!