Community Conversations





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 on Community Conversations!

Community Conversations are based on a model developed by the Harwood Institute.

Community Conversations serve two important purposes:
1. They are a turned outward way to authentically engage members of the community.
2. They generate Public Knowledge that can be used to inform the decision making of all kinds.

Engage the Community to Understand:
-People's aspirations for the community; -People's concerns;
-How people think and talk about a given issue in relation to the community;
-The changes needed to reach our aspiration for the community; and
-What people believe we can do, and who they'd trust to take action.

Community Conversation Themes Help Inform How You:
Engage the community - inviting new people opens the door to new relationships
Find new partners - sharing Public Knowledge creates coalition opportunities
Develop strategies - working on the issue AND building capacity to work together
Mobilize resources - creating natural pathways for people to contribute

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