Early Childcare Endowment

Thrivent x SAUW


Early Childcare Endowment Fund

An Early Childcare Endowment Fund has been set up through Thrivent Charitable with Financial Advisors, Rustin Leonard and Dennis Burgardt II in Salina, Kansas. Through this endowment fund, the Salina Area United Way will be able to create forever impact with the childcare centers in the community in the years to come. Currently, it will take approximately $460,000 per year to support the wage gap for an early childcare teacher. The endowment fund needs to be at $10 million to be able to pull $500,000 annually to continue to support the Early Childcare Initiative in the future.


"Salina Area United Way is so proud to be working with Thrivent Charitable and Rustin Leonard. Through the Early Childcare Initiative, we are so excited for all of the different and new partnerships, connections and community support that this specific initiative is bringing together. We truly are stronger when we are United, and this new partnership avenue exemplifies that."  - Claire Ludes | Executive Director at Salina Area United Way